Why Dribblepro

Young basketball player gripping the ball tight

Let’s Talk About Getting the Edge

You really don’t need a trainer with the Dribblepro training ball. Dribblepro teaches you. Dribblepro gives you the edge in the three fundamental aspects of basketball skills, shooting, rebounding and dribbling.

Why do I buy this ball?

  • It’s about learning the fundamentals from a professional coach (NCAA Division I, CBA, NBA) who knows and understands what basketball players have lost and how to get it back.
  • I want to get the edge and improve basketball fundamental skills.
  • I don’t want to spend additional money on expensive private trainers.
  • I want to get better than my teammates and competitors.
  • I want to train at my own convenience.
  • I want to be at my best before signing up for expensive private coaching, camps and club teams.
  • I want something that is new, easy, and a new intuitive innovation.
  • I want an easy and cost effective way to get better.
  • I want to learn to make consistent shots.
  • I want to improve my skills.
  • I want to get better in less than five minutes a day.
  • I want my brain to start to relearn good habits.
  • I know like the game of golf there is always room for improvement, if this training tool is a low cost, easy to carry, store, and can be used daily, I want it!

Why does this matter?

  • Getting the ball down the court counts, steals count, shots count, rebounding counts, skills count.
  • Because lazy players create bad habits, and bad habits impair good fundamental skills.
  • Players want to get better to win games.

Why does a basketball player care?

  • Players want to look good, and be skilled on the court.
  • Everyone wants to be a winner, and on a winning team.
  • When players are fundamentally skilled it gives the referee less to call you out for.
  • “The team is only as good as it’s weakest player,” no one wants to be the weakest player.

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